Tuesday 18th June 2019
Resume Writing: 5 Secrets to Guarantee You A Killer ResumeTuesday 18th June 2019 Resume Writing: 5 Secrets to Guarantee You A Killer Resume

Resume Writing: 5 Secrets to Guarantee You A Killer Resume

5 Secrets to Guarantee You A Killer Resume


A simple Google search for ‘resumes’ or ‘career advice’ will return you hundreds of pages full of advice. While most of them are true, the majority it’s just nibbling around the edges of the real issue: that there’s more to a great resume than action words, accomplishments or responsibilities.

Whenever I write a resume I really strive to apply some basic rules that I like to call my ‘personal branding Decalogue’.

Stick to these 5 secrets and I guarantee your resume will start shining:


Always quantify your work

Let’s face it – numbers sell. Numbers, statistics, percentages – they always get the attention. Be sure to always answer in your resume quantifiable questions such as: ‘What budget did you managed?’; ‘How many subscribers did your campaign gained?’; ‘How much revenue did you brought?’ and so on.

By quantifying your work you provide in your resume the real evidence of your achievements, not just empty words.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Weak: ‘Managed a large team of sale agents across the country.’
Strong: ‘Managed a team of 40 sales agents located in 6 cities.’

Weak: ‘Orchestrated a country-wide event for healthcare professionals.’
Strong: ‘Orchestrated a country-wide event in top 10 cities for more than 3000 healthcare professionals.’


Give your resume a purpose

A great resume tells your employer exactly what any good ad tells their customers: if you buy this product (here this would be you), you will get these specific, direct benefits.

Before starting writing your resume, think a little. What are your best qualities? Why are you best suited for this job? What makes you better than your competition? How will your employer benefit on your behalf?

Now put down on paper these answers. Only after you’ve given your resume a clear purpose start writing it.


Spice up your interest list

Adding interests to your resume seems quite straightforward. You like sports, reading and travelling? How interesting an original. At least is something that the other 90% of applicants don’t say about their interests. Oh, wait…

Or you could try spicing up your interest list and make it something really interesting. Don’t be afraid to be specific or say something that can strike that emotional chord in your interviewer. Maybe he likes collecting comic books, too!

Instead of a boring list of clichés, try something like this: ‘Huge Star Wars fan; gourmet cooking passionate; feisty literature blogger and board games fanatic.’


The Rule of Seven

One strong verse in the marketing Bible is ‘The Rule of Seven’. It states that for a prospect to buy the advertiser’s message he must hear it at least seven times before taking action. Now this doesn’t mean you have to insert the ‘hire me!’ catchphrase 7 times in your resume.

To follow this simple rule into your resume writing efforts just create an interest verb-list of your employer. For example, you are applying a start-up company. Your list should include verbs like ‘build’, ‘initiate’, ‘develop’, ‘create’ etc. If you are applying for a sales position you might consider these: ‘increase’, ‘competitive’, ‘growing’ etc.


Split your resume in two

The first part is your introduction and should assess your skills, abilities and qualities. Here you must write an honest, but powerful copy that will distinguish you from the pile. You should be able to answer in a personal, yet businesslike note the questions: ‘Who am I?’, ‘What defines me as an individual and professional?’, and ‘Why am I a valuable asset to you?’. Be yourself, but not overdo it. You must show you are a special and trustworthy person.

The second part will back up with evidence that what you’ve said you are is true. Here you’ll have to showcase your experience and achievements.

My point is, at the end of your resume writing process, your showcase should not be a blunt memo about yourself.

It should be an introduction that leaves the reader wanting to know you more.

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