Friday 21st September 2018
Chronological vs. Functional vs. Combination - Which Type of Resume Should I Choose?Friday 21st September 2018

Chronological vs. Functional vs. Combination – Which Type Of Resume Should I Choose?



 The right type of resume for you

Putting together your resume is not an easy feat. Choosing the right format, opting for a layout, writing it… When it comes down to that first impression, you don’t get the chance for a do-over. That’s why one crucial step in the process is choosing the right resume format for you.

Now, there are several types of resumes out there, some more confusing than others, of which the most common are chronologicalfunctional or a combination of the two. Although the chronological resume is the widest spread, what are the other types and how can you benefit from them? And how can you know which one suits you best?

We’ve compiled this nifty infographic to guide you through choosing the best resume format for your needs. But before you go further, make sure you first know the type of job you want and that you’ve correctly identified your strengths and weaknesses. Using the right type of resume will help you tell your interviewer how will you serve his company and objectives while showcasing your best features and take the spotlight off of the items you don’t want to emphasize.

Resume-Type-Chronological Functional

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