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    How To Ask And Receive Great LinkedIn Recommendations

    If you’ve often wandered through the vast LinkedIn community, you surely noticed one thing in common for those very successful professionals in your field of work: they are highly engaged in the platform activity and they are often recommended.

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    7 Most Common Questions You Have When Filling In Your LinkedIn Profile

    Regardless of your objective (whether it is a new job, a startup or just promoting your business) LinkedIn it’s become a powerful networking tool for professionals. And let’s not forget that for the past few years it’s become one of the playgrounds of choice for HR professionals and headhunters alike – all the more reasons to dust off your social footprint and prepare it…

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    The 5 Tips To A Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired

    Many of you job seekers today consider the cover letter to be obsolete – who uses that anyway? Well, you’d be surprised to know that even that email you’re sending to a prospective employer it’s actually a… cover letter! Many companies expect to receive one with your resume, and surprise – HR people DO actually read them!

    So what a better reason for you to…